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TC Trustees Name New Co-Chair

Jack Hyland, a TC Trustee since 1988, has succeeded Pat Cloherty as Co-Chair of the Trustees as of December.
Jack Hyland, a TC Trustee since 1988, has succeeded Pat Cloherty as Co-Chair of the Trustees as of December. A general partner of McFarland Dewey and Co., LLC, Hyland has served on the Trustees' Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning and the Business and Finance Committee.

"My interest in Teachers College goes back to the essence of education," Hyland said. "No country or culture is strong without providing its people with strong education. There is no institution more important to this than TC."

Hyland strongly believes in seeing the reach of TC's influence extended, through technology, well beyond 120th Street. As a result, he has been involved with TC Innovations since its inception.

In his new role, Hyland hopes to make the Board of Trustees, and its relationship to the faculty, Columbia University, and the outside world as strong as possible. In that vein, he stressed that one of the most important jobs the Board is doing is to look, with the faculty and staff of the College, at a new strategic plan for the school. "We're doing a major review of what our strengths are and needs are, and we're helping to reformulate the mission and strategy for the College," he explained. "That is important because the world is so dramatically changing."

Hyland is not a stranger to technology and a changing world. In fact, he comes from a long line of movers and shakers in technology and change. In a recent book, which was published in June, Hyland explored the life his grandfather, Reverend Bill Stidger, who was instrumental in keeping his ministry at the forefront of technological change through the 20th Century. Evangelism's First Modern Media Star describes not only the life of his grandfather, the first preacher to use radio and, in 1913, an electrified revolving cross to attract people to his church, but also includes a general history of the 20th century and Stidger's many interesting associations with some well known people of that time. "It gave me an opportunity to explore my own family and learn about the world that existed while he was alive," Hyland said.

Hyland's own background includes having been valedictorian of the Haverford School, a B.A. from Williams College, and an M.B.A. from Harvard University.

Published Monday, Mar. 3, 2003