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Schools plan survey on students' drinking

Officials at the Greenwich Public Schools, Greenwich Academy and Brunswick School have said they are considering allowing Dr. Suniya Luthar, a researcher and professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, to survey their students as part of a needs-assessment initiative led by the Greenwich Coalition to Combat Underage Drinking. High school students in town may soon be surveyed about their most intimate thoughts and habits, as part of a community-wide attempt to address the root causes of risky behaviors.

Advocates say the survey will provide much-needed statistically valid data about how much and why teenagers do potentially harmful things such as drink and take drugs, and help design programs to stop them.

Nancy Weissler, co-president of the coalition, said, "By doing this needs assessment we'll have a better understanding of where our kids are today."

This article, written by Keach Hagey, appeared in the July 31st edition of the Greenwich Time.

Published Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2005