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Conference explores fat attitudes

In "Fat Attitudes: A Celebra-tion of Large Women," curator, artist and TC instructor Lori Don Levan brought together 14 contemporary artists whose work celebrates the beauty of the "fat" female body for a conference that explored what it means to be a large woman.

Artists were selected based on the manner in which their work reflected the lived experiences of large women, Levan said. Photography-much of which originated from personal projects focusing on the large female body-made up a majority of the show's work.

At the conference, speakers included Art Education Professors Judith Burton and Graeme Sullivan, as well as some of the artists included in the show, such as Laurie Toby Edison, Andi Bray, Christine Berkey, Aimee Cegelka, Meredith Miller and a number of authors and performing artists.

The conference was co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation.


"Exploring Fat Attitudes" with Multimedia (Inside TC Newsletter, March 2004)

Published Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005