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New On Staff

Ann Armstrong, Executive Director of Summer School and Lifelong Learning. Henry Perkowski, Associate Vice President and Controller.

Ann Armstrong, Executive Director of Summer School and Lifelong Learning

What She'll Do: "I will be heading up the Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation (CEO&I). I will determine the strategic vision and business plan. My mission is to find innovative and creative ways to expand TC's reputation and reach with programs that yield high revenue."

Last Job: "I have spent the past 25 plus years in business development, delivering education and learning solutions-typically with a technology bent to them-in corporate America.I recently worked for Intellinex, which is an Ernst & Young company. I ran the learning practice for the financial services market."

What She Hopes to Accomplish: "One of the goals I have is to put together programs that corporations need and deliver them through the TC infrastructure. I also hope to determine with the faculty the major needs for the teaching market and go to corporations to get funding for those. It is often difficult for school districts to find funding for good teacher programs. I would like to get corporations to adopt teachers or schools or school districts and fund them to come to programs at TC."

Formative Experience: "Jack Mezirow has a theory of transformative learning that says that most life transformations occur because an adult has a disorienting dilemma that triggers major life changes. For me, that dilemma was becoming a single parent unexpectedly. I had my master's degree and was teaching and was suddenly left with three children to take care of. To support them, I took a job in marketing and sales with Xerox. The training I received at Xerox laid the foundation for my corporate career and has enabled me to grow and become a successful business woman."

Her Philosophy: "Lifelong learning and learning new things-expanding myself in my current area of interest and trying to do one thing a year out of my comfort zone."

Henry Perkowski, Associate Vice President and Controller

What He'll Do: "As Controller, I'm responsible for the financial integrity of the institution, which means that, internally, I handle and manage cash and accounting, and provide essential services for the College's financial and operating areas. So, I oversee purchasing, accounts payable, the mailroom and shipping and receiving. Externally, I ensure that we stick to IRS guidelines and mandates and manage the College's endowment investments. I am the liaison to the Board of Trustees' investment committee and audit committee, which manage the College's investments and make sure we comply with accounting standards and investigate any possible fraud."

Last Job: "I was hired in January 2004 to be Associate Controller at TC. In August of 2004, I was named Acting Controller. Before that I worked at NYU."

What He Hopes to Accomplish: "I would like to do two things: One is to automate many of the processes here. It's something I have experience with from my previous work at NYU. I also want to facilitate the communication of financial information within the College itself. Prior to my coming to TC, the information TC provided externally was timely and accurate. I'd like to bring that same level of service to the internal community.

Formative Experience: When I first came out of school, I worked for a public accounting firm. At the time I felt I was simply pushing paper. When I left, I was looking for more meaning in how I spent my time. So, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina for a year. That experience affected my entire life philosophy."

His Philosophy: "I really believe in higher education and its power to make an impact on people's lives. I want to work in an institution that not only does good, but that provides something I believe is worthwhile.

Published Thursday, Sep. 8, 2005