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In the News the Week of May 19, 2008

How to fix the flaw in the "growth models" that measure students' progress toward standards * NJ lawmakers push for $2.5 billion more to replenish the state's school construction program * RI educators attend summit to discuss how to improve math curriculum and instruction

School Funding Litigation/Policy

CT lawmakers say that if the legislature fails to restore $20 million in state funding for early reading programs, over 300 school employees could lose their jobs on July 1,0,5088958.story

DE keeps pledge to avoid teacher layoffs but cutting money for everything from bus replacement funds to the student testing program

NJ lawmakers begin pushing for an additional $2.5 billion to replenish the state’s school construction program

State Roundup

More CA schools are reaching the desirable mark of 800 points on the state's Academic Performance Index

FL third-graders post higher reading scores this year on FCAT exam that determines whether or not students will pass to the fourth grade,0,4980822.story

GA will throw out the results of social studies tests because only 20 or 30 percent of sixth- and seventh-graders passed

RI educators attend a daylong mathematics summit to discuss how to improve math curriculum and instruction

Report commends TN for its pre-K efforts, saying it could become nationally known for its programs


In the News on May 21, 2008

CT Attorney General files an appeal in a federal court to block the federal government from imposing un-reimbursed costs for NLCB

According to report, GA is one 23 states that likely will be hard-pressed to make needed improvements under the NCLB deadline

Commentary – How to fix the flaw in the “growth models” that measure students’ progress toward standards, and help schools, states, and NCLB

Southern Regional Education Board calls for states and schools to increase substantially the quality of their career and technical education

Commentary – Meeting the challenges of NCLB with collaborative teaching

Commentary – How to improve education on the cheap? School choice

School Funding Litigation/Policy

Report says federal, state, and local systems for distributing public funds to schools often systematically favor wealthier schools and students over those with fewer resources

AL Senate fails to approve an education budget in the 2008 legislative session

Cuts for CA schools won’t be as deep as the $4.8 billion originally projected for K-12 schools, under a revised plan

OR Appeals Court sides with state in funding lawsuit

State Roundup

CO moves ahead with ambitious K-12 package

Almost one in five third graders in South FL might have to repeat third grade because they failed the reading FCAT exam

GA releases dismal scores on state math and social studies tests

In the News on May 20, 2008


Report finds that 23 states that called for modest gains in the early years of NCLB have “back-loaded”  student trajectories and need to make nearly impossible improvements in student performance to reach proficiency goals

Schools increasingly look at stark consequences for failing to raise math and reading scores

New study concludes that the "boys crisis" in schools is a myth and that both sexes have stayed the same or improved on standardized tests in the past decade

School Funding Litigation/Policy

U.S. District Judge rejects a lawsuit brought by ID public schools against the state Supreme Court, saying the federal court doesn't have the jurisdiction to tell a state court how to run

State Roundup

HI is identified as a “slow state” with decreased chances of meeting NCLB proficiency goals

Restoring $14 million to improve reading and writing skills is LA’s top public school goal in this year’s budget

MN analysis finds racial gap in student suspensions

In the News on May 19, 2008

Federal study says class reductions show signs of success, but the evaluation found “no significant trends” in achievement on state tests or college-entrance exams

NAEP generates more data about charter schools for researchers and advocates to scrutinize

School Funding Litigation/Policy

Even without an amendment, NH lawmakers progress on the court's school funding mandate

NH governor might face a new set of challenges in handling school funding in the event of an amendment failure

PA school districts worry that proposed formula won’t give local schools their fair share

RI might soon become the first state with no predictable education financing formula

State Roundup

AZ bill gives schools more time to unify

MS educators are determined to cut the dropout rate while making school more rigorous

TX moves forward in revisions to the state curriculum for English-language arts and reading

Published Tuesday, May. 27, 2008