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Alumni Council President’s Message

Dear Fellow Alumni,
Welcome back to Teachers College!
With fall semester now in full swing, TC is—once again—teeming with activity. And the Alumni Council is in the midst of planning several months of activity with the support of an exuberant new team in the alumni office, staffed by Chris Greaves, our newly appointed Director of Alumni Relations; Lindsay Brennan, our new Associate Director of Alumni Relations; and Marlene Tucker, our new Alumni Relations Liaison.
Here’s a glimpse of what we’re planning for the upcoming year: 
Nine regional events, including receptions in Westchester, Bergen County, New York City, Washington, D.C., Miami and South Florida.
Six appearances at academic conferences, including the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) conference in San Francisco, February 19-21; the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in San Diego, April 13-17; and the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference in Galveston, South Carolina, March 22-26.
Two “virtual” Web forums to engage our out-of-state and international alumni population directly in lectures and panel discussions at the College.
Academic Homecoming, slated for April 2009.
An “Alumni of the Quarter” contest to recognize our outstanding alumni for their achievements on a public and ongoing basis.
As always, the Alumni Council is taking a leadership role in planning programs and volunteer opportunities for alumni; however, this year, we are striving to engage you in that process. The twin themes of my tenure as president have been: (1) collaboration and (2) collaboration, so:
If you live abroad or out of state, join us for a virtual lecture and discussion (sans wine and cheese).
If you have suggestions for Academic Homecoming (e.g. speakers, programming concepts, etc.), email the Office of Alumni Relations at
If you’d like to nominate someone for the “Alumni of the Quarter” award, email
To ensure that your former classmates and colleagues are being invited to College events, visit and add their addresses to our email listserv.
To volunteer your home for an event, contact us at 212-678-3215.
With nine academic departments and more than 75 programs, your alma mater was virtually designed to cater to your evolving pursuits and interests, so you have every excuse to come back and visit your old haunts: Russell Courtyard, Everett Lounge, the Gottesman Library! And never forget, you’ll always have a home on 120th Street, between Amsterdam and Broadway.
Alice Wilder,
Alumni Council President

Teachers College Alumni Council
The Teachers College Alumni Council consists of 35 members who represent all 90,000 graduates. The Council partners with the Department of Development and External Affairs to advance the goals of the College by providing alumni with opportunities to remain involved in the life of the College through social activities, volunteer efforts and financial support.

Executive Committee
Alice Wilder, President

Standing Committee Chairs

Awards Committee

Adam Vane, Co-chair

Jeffrey Putman, Co-chair

Dean’s Advisory Committee

Elaine Heffner, Co-chair

International Committee

Patrick McGuire, Chair

Program Committee

Michael Passow, Chair

Student Relations Committee

Jeffrey Putman, Chair

TC Annual Fund

Terri Nixon, Chair


Christopher Scott


Constance B. Green

Kate Moody

Madelon Stewart

Andre McKenzie,

Immediate Past President

Joyce Cowin,

Trustee Representative to the Alumni Council

For more information about the Alumni Council, please visit our Web site:

Published Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009