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About this Special Issue

Around the globe in TC Today, from world class cover art to what is inside
 On The Cover
Six superheroes from “The 99,” the comic book series created by TC alumnus Naif Al-Mutawa (see story www.tc.edu/news/ 7033), in a classroom at the College. Part of a larger group from different cultures who embody universal virtues and protect the world from violence, the six are (standing, from left) Jabbar the Powerful, from Saudi Arabia; Hadya the Guide, from Pakistan, via the United Kingdom; Noora the Light, from the United Arab Emirates, who can create realistic holograms, see the good and evil inside of people, and levitate; and (seated, from left) Kabeera the Great , from China, trained as an acrobat and dancer in Shanghai before her gem gave her the power of flight; Darr the Afflicter, from the USA, who can manipulate nerve endings to prevent pain; and Musawwira the Organizer, from Ghana, whose power of pattern recognition allows her to make order out of chaos and organize almost anything.

On The Inside
It was clear from the get-go that trying to capture all the international activities of Teachers College in a single issue of this magazine was an impossibility—that nearly every interview or conversation would unearth yet another person doing important things in yet another fascinating part of the world. In the end, we set our sights on, at best, giving readers a sense of the breadth, richness and history of that work.
Inevitably, we have left out many people and places. The pages that follow tend to focus on the work of programs, centers and departments rather than that of individuals, and on faculty more than students. We apologize for the many glaring omissions. However, the good news is that modern technology has allowed us to make some amends. Our coverage of TC’s international focus extends beyond the magazine you hold in your hands to the Web at www.tc.edu/tctoday, where you will find:
Videotaped interviews with faculty members Sharon Lynn Kagan, Lambros Comitas, Margaret Crocco, William Gaudelli and Xiaodong Lin about their international work.
Additional videotaped interviews with TC students Gerard Alolod, Guillermo Marini and Sophia Yu.
An interview with psychologist Morton Deutsch and peace educator Betty Reardon
The full transcripts of interviews with the four TC Trustees—Antonia Grumbach, Jan Krukowski, Abby O’Neill and Bill Rueckert—who are featured in our “Friends of the College” story in this print issue. The four serve on TC’s new international advisory committee.
The full videotaped interview with Portia Williams, TC’s Director of International Affairs, a print excerpt of which appears in this magazine.
We could go on—and sometime soon, we will again. For now, enjoy the wide world of Teachers College.
—The Editors

P.S. Our special thanks to Angelo Miranda and Hua-Chu Yen in the TC video studio.
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Vice President of Development and External Affairs
Suzanne M. Murphy
(Ed.M., Organization & Leadership, 1999; M.A., Organizational Psychology, 1996)

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Administrative Assistant, Kalena Rosario
Editorial Assistants: Natalie Hadad, Elise Martingale
Art Direction, Deirdre Reznik (M.A., Applied Linguistics, 2004)
Contributing Editor, Jonathan Sapers
TC Today, Spring 2009
Vol. 33, No. 2
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Published Wednesday, Jun. 17, 2009