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Kagan in New York Times Story on Early Education

Sharon Lynn Kagan, professor at Teachers College, says new higher education bill also will improve early childhood education.
New Initiative Would Focus on Raising Quality of Early Learning [click here for full article]

New York Times

By SAM DILLON Tucked away in an $87 billion higher education bill that passed the House last week was a broad new federal initiative aimed not at benefiting ...

Sharon Lynn Kagan, a professor at Columbia University's Teachers College in New York who has traced the history of U.S. child-care programs back to the early 19th century, wrote a paper last year advocating federal aid to states in building a more coherent and robust early-childhood infrastructure. "No one bill can solve everything," Kagan said, "but this will move us more than any other piece of legislation toward higher quality in early education, not just more spaces for children."

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Published Monday, Sep. 21, 2009