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Deutsch and Coleman launch book project on the psychology of sustainable peace.

Peter Coleman and Morton Deutsch are working on a book that will discuss 1) Psychological contributions to the prevention of war and violent, destructive conflicts; 2) The nature of a sustainable, harmonious peace; and 3) The psychological components of a sustainable, harmonious peace.
This book is concerned with what psychological theory and research can contribute to the promotion of a harmonious, sustainable peace.  Underlying this orientation is our belief that promoting the ideas and actions which can lead to a sustainable, harmonious peace not only contribute to the prevention of war but will also lead to more positive, constructive relations among people and nations, but also to a more sustainable planet.  Book contributors will include: M. Deutsch, P.T. Coleman, D. Johnson, J. Jost, D. Druckman, A. Gratch, E. Lindner, B. Reardon, R. Vallacher, E. Staub, D. Christie, D. Wagner, J.P. Lederach, and L. Taylor.

Published Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010


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