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Juliette de Wolfe Receives Fellowship Grant to Study Conflict in Communities Addressing Autism

Juliette de Wolfe was awarded a fellowship grant to study parents of children with autism and how they engage in, experience, and resolve conflicts within their families, with institutions, and with educational structures as they care for children with autism.
Juliette's work is based on a pilot project conducted from April 2010 to August 2010 and will focus on a parent support group in a New York City borough.  The parents come together several times per week to discuss strategies for caring for a child with autism, to vent their frustrations, to lean on others with similar experiences, and to gain tools and skills needed to navigate and manage relationships with relatives, friends, institutions, and their community.  Having a child with autism brings additional stress, work, and conflict into the lives of parents, and as one parent has put so eloquently, "autism disorders the family".  Exploring how this disordering may be managed, ameliorated, and used as an opportunity for education and positive change, are some of the many goals of Juliette's work for this fellowship.  She will present her findings at a poster session in the spring semester of 2011. 

Published Monday, Nov. 15, 2010


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