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Musallam presents research on leadership and NGO effectiveness in the West Bank

On Thursday, October 26th Naira Musallam presented on her data collection on NGOs working in the Palestinian Territories. This data was collected for Naira's dissertation, which she will be defending soon.
Naira's study examines the effects of complexity (integrative complexity, behavioral complexity, emotional complexity), job adaptability, and organizational resilience on the perceived internal and external effectiveness of organizations working in the Palestinian Territories. Twenty-six NGOs (total of 133 participants) participated in the study, representing various fields such as community development, human rights, women empowerment, education, and and agriculture. The main results show that integrative complexity is negatively associated with perceived external effectiveness, behavioral and emotional complexity are positively associated with both internal and external effectiveness, and that job adaptability is positively associated with perceived external effectiveness.  Organizational resilience was not found to be associated with perceived internal or external effectiveness.

Published Monday, Nov. 15, 2010


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