Dr. Claudia Cohen Presents at ACR | Teachers College Columbia University

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Dr. Claudia Cohen Presents at ACR

CCCR's Associate Director sponsors symposium on "Sharing Trade Secrets" at the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) Annual Meetings, Chicago. September 1-4.
Claudia Cohen, ICCCR’s Associate Director, sponsored a symposium at the Tenth Annual ACR Conference designed to enhance shared learning and communication across three ACR Sections: Workplace, Organizational Conflict Management and Ombuds.  All three ACR Sections promote strategies and offer services to address workplace conflict, yet information sharing across the Sections is haphazard at best.  Dr. Cohen, who has served as an ombudsman and an organizational conflict management consultant, and her co-sponsor, Julie Denny, a workplace mediator, facilitated a discussion among participants (most of whom identified as a practitioner from one of these affiliations), focusing on their experiences of growth and creativity in their practices.  Similarities among and differences between the practices of Section members were noted (e.g., rules of engagement with organization leaders and employees; “insider” or “outsider” status; short-term or long-term engagement; role of confidentiality, etc.) and opportunities for individual growth were highlighted.

Published Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010