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Sturm and Gadlin Event Sponsored by AC4

Susan Sturm, J.D. (Columbia Law School) and Howard Gadlin, Ph.D. (NIH) present "Beyond Conflict Resolution" Symposium, sponsored by AC4
Columbia University’s George M. Jaffin Professor of Law and Social Responsibility, Susan Sturm and the National Institutes of Health’s Ombudsman Howard Gadlin described their cross-disciplinary collaborative research program on September 13th to a crowded audience in Jerome Greene Hall at the Columbia Law school.  Using Gadlin’s ombuds practice at NIH as a source of data, they applied constructs developed by Sturm’s research team to frame a multi-level systems analysis of the conflicts that NIH scientists presented to the ombuds office for support and resolution.  Sturm’s research team’s involvement served as an intervention that, Gadlin reported, helped to modify how his ombuds team conceptualized and helped to resolve the thematically similar disputes that reached his office. Gadlin and colleagues have developed a “field guide” for NIH scientists to use when creating collaborative projects so that reoccurring issues within the system can be addressed in advance rather than once a dyadic or team conflict has become emotionally charged and far more difficult to resolve .

Published Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010