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About This Issue


IN PREPARING THIS SPECIAL ISSUE ON PSYCHOLOGY AT TEACHERS College, we chose to feature work about which—for the most part—we had not written before.  We focused on faculty research rather than student programs.  We left out some people whose work certainly qualifies as psychology but also reaches into other fields that we plan to feature in the near future. And, frankly, because we are human and TC is a busy place, there are people we simply didn’t catch up with—for which, we offer our profuse apologies.

Accordingly, we hope you’ll check out stories we previously published about the following people, centers and programs on the TC Web:

JOHN BLACK, Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Telecommunications & Education, and Chair of TC’s Department of Human Development. Black and many other faculty members at TC are translating knowledge about learning into technology that can enhance instruction and improve assessment of student performance. Their work will be featured in our spring 2012 issue, which will be devoted to education technology. Read about Black at http://bit.ly/uPfOS3

THE DEAN-HOPE CENTER Dean-Hope offers the College’s surrounding community services that range from couples counseling to educational testing and referral. The Center also provides TC doctoral and master’s students in clinical psychology and school psychology the chance to do direct, supervised work with clients. Read our story on Dean-Hope at http://bit.ly/vz9nPc

HERB GINSBURG, Jacob Schiff Foundations Professor of Psychology and Education. He has been a leader in showing that young children have innate mathematical ability, and has collaborated with commercial software companies to develop assessment and teaching tools.  See stories at http://bit.ly/sPvutF and http://bit.ly/tLMufJ His work will also be featured this coming spring in our issue on technology.

DEANNA KUHN, Professor of Psychology and Education. She has developed a curriculum for promoting inquiry and argumentation skills in middle-school students, and is working with the government of the Dominican Republic to replicate her methods there. (http://bit.ly/tftkLK)

LISA MILLER, Professor of Psychology and Education. An expert on spirituality, Miller was profiled in the most recent issue of TC Today (http://bit.ly/vxtFog). Her recent article in the American Journal of Psychiatry,  on the impact of religion or spirituality in the adult children of people suffering from major depression, appeared too late for us to review in this issue, but can be viewed at ajp.psychiatryonline.org.

PHILIP SAIGH, Professor of Psychology and Education. He pioneered the development of post-traumatic stress disorder as a recognized psychological disorder in children, and has also helped shape PTSD treatments for patients of all ages.  A story about his recent research in this area appears at http://bit.ly/vlSpyd.

We also were not able to include stories on some prominent alumni. Stay tuned for future stories , including on TC Trustee and psychologist DAILEY PATTEE.  


Published Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011


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