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Alumni Council President's Message

A message from Robert Weintraub, President, Teachers College Alumni Association

Dear Fellow Alumni,

This is my last letter to you as TC Alumni Association President. Thank you for the honor of serving you these past two years.

I’m especially gratified by the progress we made in (re)connecting you to TC. Whether it was working on a committee, attending an event, mentoring a student or interacting through our Web or social networking sites, so many more of you participated in our institution’s life and progress.

Our Alumni Council’s new structure also served us well. Its “Alumni Wants and Needs” committee redirected our efforts to what was of most concern to you and the College. Thanks to chairs Peter Dillon and Carolyn McNally for molding the committee’s work.

In addition to our premier program, Academic Festival, the “Programs and Resources” committee brought together alumni from targeted academic programs for social and learning activities of common interest. Equally important for our far-flung members, the committee expanded your ability to stay connected in cyberspace. Thanks to chairs Dawn Williams and Patrick McGuire for focusing the committee’s work and expanding its impact.

Our “International Outreach” committee enhanced connections among numerous international students and alumni through meetings, receptions and socials, here and abroad. Thanks to chairs Marion Boultbee and Fred Brodzinski for leading the effort to make the global TC community a more intimate one.

The “Awards and Recognition” committee furthered the impressive tradition of the TC “Distinguished Alumni Award” and “Early Career Award,” while recognizing, in new ways, the contributions of many more of you. Thanks to chairs Susan Diamond and Vicki Cobb for leading efforts to honor the best of the best.

Our Alumni Council’s “Nominations” committee selected seven diverse and diversely skilled new members. We thank those rolling off the Council and look forward to welcoming new members in September. Thanks to chairs Kim McCrea and Ali Mazzara for leading efforts to keep our council vibrant, impactful and fun.

And thank you to all my Alumni Council colleagues for your service and the progress we have made together.

We could not have accomplished what we did, though, without the energy, invention and support of Director of Alumni Relations Rosella Garcia, Associate Director Alejandra Merheb and Alumni Relations Liaison Marlene Tucker.

To our graduating students, soon to join our ranks: Your focus will and should be on your work and careers. You are destined to do important things in education, development, healthcare and organizations. But please know that TC remains your home—a rich community you can always tap into physically and virtually. If you didn’t fill out a card when you picked up your Commencement tickets, please register as an alum by updating your contact information with the Office of Alumni Relations; contact

Your next Alumni Association president, Adam Vane, is passionate about TC, energetic and accessible; so please let him know what you want and need.

I look forward to seeing you at the College, and in its network, in years to come.


Robert Weintraub, President,
Teachers College Alumni Association

Published Friday, May. 20, 2011