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Bringing It All Back Home

The more things change within TC’s Social-Organizational Psychology program, the more, in some ways, they stay the same. In January 2011, William Pasmore became editor of The Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences (JABS), which was founded in 1965 under the editorship of TC psychology professor Goodwin Watson. The first issue included articles by several leading names in American psychology, including Carl Rogers and Chris Argyris.

TC also is planning the creation, possibly as soon as next fall, of a Center for Group Dynamics. The name harks back to the legendary Center for Group Dynamics Research founded at MIT during the middle of the last century by psychologist Kurt Lewin. That center, together with the National Training Laboratories, which was then part of the National Education Association, co-sponsored the creation of JABS.

Published Wednesday, May. 11, 2011


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