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CEE Releases New Know Your Rights Series

The Campaign for Educational Equity conducted an extensive research project investigating educational inadequacies in high-needs schools around the state and published findings about widespread violations of many students' educational rights. The Know Your Rights handouts are a series of user-friendly research briefs that summarize our key findings. Please share them with your school and community!

  Know Your Rights Handout #1:

  Safeguarding Sound Basic Education: Constitutional  
  Violations in New York State

  Published: September 24, 2013

This first brief sets out what resources, services, and supports every New York school must be able to provide for all of its students under the state constitution and summarizes CEE's analysis of the availability of these constitutional resources in 33 high-needs schools around New York State.

Download: Safeguarding Sound Basic Education: Constitutional Violations in NY State
Download in Spanish: Salvaguardando Sound Basic Education: Violaciones Constitucionales en el Estado de Nueva York

  Know Your Rights Handout #2:
  Physical Education

 Published: December 4, 2013

What are New York students' rights when it comes to phys. ed.? What should schools be able to provide in terms of curriculum, space, personnel,and equipment. Are these available in all schools? Find out here and share with your community. 

Download: Know Your Rights: Physical Education 

Know Your Rights Handout #3: 
Instructional Materials 

Published: December 10, 2013 

New York students are entitled to receive appropriate instructional materials, including books, supplies, libraries, labs, and educational technology. Read here and share with your community what the state is constitutionally required to provide to all students and what we found (and didn't find) in schools.  

Download: Know Your Rights: Instructional Materials 

Published Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014