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Contributing Partners: The Community Teachers Initiative

Peter Greeman founded the Community Teachers Initiative, now run by his son Tim and daughter-in-law Paulene.

CTI provides scholarships for high-need, low-income, urban-environment students to become teachers to those from similar circumstances. Founder Peter Greeman’s son Tim and daughter-in-law Paulene have founded the Peter Greeman Scholarship for deserving students.

Criteria for making philanthropic gifts:
We look for an institution that helps us make the connection between student, scholarship and school. TC helped CTI find the best possible students for scholarships, facilitated the best possible outcomes and connected us with organizations and individuals that share our goals.

Why we support TC:

TC’s excellent track record of job placement. Not only do TC students get jobs, they are in the forefront of research, information and education in urban teaching, which is very important to CTI.

Working with TC:

TC’s flexibility and support have aided CTI in all aspects of running the scholarship program.

Published Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014