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Brennan DuBose (M.A. in Communication and Education)

Brennan DuBose (M.A. in Communication and Education)
Life Before TC
DuBose graduated from Howard University in 2011 and worked at a corporate financial firm in the Washington D.C. area.

Why TC?
“I came to TC to study historical effects of media and the cultural uses of developments such as face-to-face speech, writing, printing, photography, film, radio, television, computers, and networked multimedia.” 

TC Takeaway
“I made some amazing friends from around the world, within my program and outside of it.  I also was able to intern at places such as Fox News, BET, and MSNBC.”

DuBose, who entered TC on the eve of the trial of George Zimmerman, the accused killer in the Trayvon Martin shooting, decided to create a space within th university for enlightening conversations about “questions that people don’t want to ask or topics people shy away from, are asked and discussed.” 

The result was The Conversation, which he describes as “a talk-show formatted web-series.” Working with a team of fellow students, he produced three segments: “The School To Prison Pipeline” (now accessible on YouTube); a “two-for-one special” of two topics, “Homophobia in Youth Culture” and “Undocumented Youth In The U.S.;” and “The State of African-American Males In Urban Education,” which brought together five African-American, male Columbia professors – the first cross-campus all African-American male professor panel in Columbia University’s history. Each event was viewable via a live Twitter feed using the hashtag (#TheConversationTC ) on a TV screen.

What’s Next
“My post TC career plans include starting a fellowship at The New York Times this summer and pursuing a Ph.D.”

Published Wednesday, Jun. 4, 2014