Alumnus Travis Bristol Wins First Teacher Diversity Award at Stanford | Teachers College Columbia University

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Alumnus Travis Bristol Wins Inaugural Teacher Diversity Award


Travis Bristol (PhD '14, Education Policy) won the inaugural Teacher Diversity Award from the American Association of Colleges for Teachers Education (AACTE) for outstanding research and advocacy for policies needed to enhance diversity in the nation's teaching force. Bristol is a research and policy fellow at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education. The award from AACTE was given by one of its Topical Action Groups, which is dedicated to bringing more teachers of color into the profession.

Bristol's work draws on the intersection of race and gender in organizations. His dissertation, which focused on Black male teachers’ pathways into the profession, as well as their experiences and retention in teaching, was awarded fellowships from the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the American Educational Research Association. His current research looks at the practices that support teacher and student learning and the policies that enable and constrain teacher workplace experiences and retention.

LINK: Inaugural teacher diversity award to GSE alum Travis Bristol for his outstanding research and advocacy

Published Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015

Travis Bristol
Travis Bristol