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New Journal on Education Philanthropy to be Based at Teachers College and Published by Indiana University Press


Teachers College and Indiana University Press have announced that they will publish a new peer-reviewed journal showcasing the increasingly important role of education philanthropy, in the United States and around the world, as private and public colleges, universities, secondary, and primary schools are fundraising for not only for supplemental but also for essential needs.

The new journal, Philanthropy & Education, edited by TC’s Noah D. Drezner, Associate Professor of Higher & Postsecondary Education, will promote scholarship and inform practice around philanthropy, which is broadly defined as including, but not limited to, fundraising, volunteerism, civic engagement, alumni relations, corporate social responsibility, prosocial behavior development, and the professionalization of the field of practice. Philanthropy & Education seeks to publish empirical and scholarly studies that are accessible to practitioners and have clear implications for implementation, with practical advice for practitioners in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations, and institutions of education around the world.

The new journal will be published semiannually. Its inaugural edition is slated for November 2016.

Philanthropy & Education encourages articles from all aspects of education (K–20+) both domestically and internationally, and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, economics, history, law, management, political science, psychology, public administration, religious studies, social work, and sociology. Philanthropy & Education welcomes submissions from scholar-practitioners, particularly those who have recently completed their dissertations.

“I am thrilled to be launching Philanthropy & Education,” said Drezner, a former advancement officer at the University of Rochester who has earned awards for his research on factors that motivate alumni donors. “The study of how philanthropy shapes education is an emerging field of increasing importance, and having a dedicated, peer-reviewed journal will advance our understanding of crucial issues, while helping to build the field both within the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world.  The partnership between Teachers College, as a leading graduate school of education, and Indiana University Press, as home of the premiere philanthropic studies book series and the only school of philanthropy, is a major step toward establishing this field of study.”

“Vision and values are essential to the life of Teachers College, Columbia University,” said Thomas James, Provost and Dean of the College.  “We are proud of this initiative under the leadership of Noah Drezner because it exemplifies our commitment to generating of new knowledge in critically important fields, and it embodies our determination to build strong and diverse institutions that can advance educational opportunity for all.”

“We are delighted to partner with Teachers College, Columbia University to publish such a needed and timely journal,” said Gary Dunham, Director of Indiana University Press and Digital Publishing. “With more than two hundred academic programs focusing on philanthropy and philanthropy education in the US alone, the field is a rapidly growing area of research and practice. Philanthropy & Education will serve as an important publishing venue for this research that is both interdisciplinary in nature and global in its reach.”

The new journal’s editorial board is composed of leading scholars and scholar-practitioners from around the world working in education, history, philanthropic studies, sociology and other disciplines.


Special Mentoring Program for Young Scholars and Scholar-Practitioners

As more fundraising practitioners seek advanced degrees, they are not able to publish their dissertation research for two reasons: first, the lack of a dedicated venue to disseminating this research, and second, the increasing demands of their positions coupled with a lack of mentoring beyond graduation on how to convert dissertations to journal articles. In order to encourage and promote the dissemination of this research, Philanthropy & Education will devote space in each issue to empirical articles from these emerging scholars. The journal’s editorial board also is committed to mentoring the authors through the publication process. Scholar-practitioner and recent graduates’ submissions that are eligible for the mentoring program will undergo the standard review process. However, after the double-blind peer-review process is complete, those articles that are determined to be revise-and-resubmits will be assigned a publication mentor from the editorial board. The mentor will help the author respond to the reviewers’ requests and provide developmental editing to prepare the manuscript for its second review.

For more information about Philanthropy & Education and to view its submissions guidelines, visit the Indiana University Press website.

Published Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015

Noah D. Drezner
Noah D. Drezner, Associate Professor of Higher & Postsecondary Education, will edit the new journal, Philanthropy & Education