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Announcement: Dr. Riddhi Sandil, Ombuds for Gender-Based Misconduct Concerns

Teachers College is pleased to announce that Dr. Riddhi Sandil of the Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology will serve as an additional Ombuds Officer for Gender-Based Misconduct. She is a confidential resource available for students, staff and faculty. She is a licensed psychologist with an extensive background in gender-based misconduct, sexual assault and harassment concerns, and has also undergone Title IX training. Dr. Sandil can be reached by appointment by email or call 212-678-4016. The Ombuds office location is 280 Grace Dodge.

Dr. Sandil continues to serve as the Psychological Counseling Program Ed.M. Coordinator in the Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology.  Individuals with concerns about faculty, staff or students in the Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology should contact TC’s long-time Ombuds officer, Dr. Erwin Flaxman.

The Teachers College Ombuds Office is a confidential resource available to members of the College community. The Ombuds Officers will not disclose information obtained from persons seeking assistance without their permission (except as required by law). The Ombuds officers are available to provide information and clarification regarding the College’s policies and procedures, and may assist individuals in evaluating options. The Ombuds Office may refer individuals to appropriate offices and resources within the College, including psychological counseling and support services and may also, in appropriate circumstances, offer to engage in informal mediation in an effort to resolve the concerns and claims of those who contact them.  Mediation is not available in situations involving allegations of sexual assault or other violence.

TC’s long-time Ombuds officer, Dr. Erwin Flaxman, is available to address a wide range of concerns and issues (email, 212-678-4169).  Individuals seeking a confidential resource with whom to discuss Gender-Based Misconduct may contact either Dr. Flaxman or Dr. Sandil.   For communications outside of her Ombuds role, Dr. Sandil must, like other TC faculty, share the reports she receives with the Title IX Coordinator Janice Robinson, VP for Diversity and Community Affairs(email, 212-678-3391).

Janice S. Robinson, Esq.
Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs;
Assistant Professor in Higher Education;
TC Title IX Coordinator

Published Friday, Feb. 13, 2015


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