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Warner Burke Named to Panel Monitoring Care Provided by Veterans Administration Facilities

W. Warner Burke, TC’s Edward Lee Thorndike Professor of Psychology & Education, has been named to a Blue Ribbon advisory panel of health care and innovation leaders that will review analyses and assessments performed as part of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014.

The panel will conduct a series of independent reviews to assess how efficiently the Act is being implemented once it is passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama. The assessments are “a vital step in ensuring that the hospital care, medical services and other health care processes in VA medical facilities are optimized to deliver the care that our veterans so richly deserve,” according to panel chair Brett P. Giroir, CEO of the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Burke, the co-developer of the widely studied Burke-Litwin Change Model, has consulted for Fortune 500 companies. His books include Organization Change: Theory and Practice (fourth edition, 2014); Business Climate Shifts: Profiles of Change Makers (2000, with William Trahant and Richard Koonce); and Organization Development: A Process of Learning and Changing (third edition, 2015, with Debra Noumair, Associate Professor of Psychology & Education). 

The panel’s 16 members were chosen by The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers, including The CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (CAMH). This past fall, the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs selected CAMH to provide the operational framework and oversight for the assessments of hospital care, medical services and other health care processes in Veterans Administration medical facilities. The panel will review CAMH’s efforts to ensure that the recommendations will best serve U.S. veterans.

TC works with the U.S. military and related organizations on a number of fronts. Together with the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the College operates the Eisenhower Leaders Development Program, co-founded in 2005 by Burke. Through the program, officers – mostly captains and majors who have been commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan – earn master’s degrees in social-organizational psychology and stay on at West Point for another two or three years to help West Point undergraduates meet and balance the physical, military, academic and ethical requirements of a West Point education.  Each year, TC’s Department of Organization & Leadership also sponsors one or two Army Fellows from the War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The current Fellow is Lt. Col. Alan Boyer. 

Published Thursday, Mar. 19, 2015


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