President Fuhrman Receives YWCA Award Named for Grace Dodge, TC’s Founder | Teachers College Columbia University

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Fuhrman Receives a YWCA Community Leadership Award Named for TC’s Founder


President Susan H. Fuhrman has received the prestigious Grace Hoadley Dodge Award for Community Leadership from the YWCA of New York City. The award honors women who are national leaders in business, media, technology, law, medicine and public service.

The Grace Hoadley Dodge Award, inaugurated in 2014, is named for an early leader and later president of the YWCA and a founder of TC. The first recipient of the award was the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, whose president, William Dodge Rueckert – Grace Hoadley Dodge’s great nephew – serves as co-chair of the TC Board of Trustees.

“I have long admired Grace Dodge,” said Fuhrman in videotaped acceptance remarks for the YWCA’s 42nd Annual Academy of Women Leaders’ SALUTE Luncheon in New York City. She called Dodge “a creative business maven, a shrewd and tough negotiator, a peacemaker who forged harmony among many competing factions and above all, a true visionary” who possessed “the 100-year view -- she looked ahead a century and planned accordingly.

“I want every generation of girls to have that same confidence about their futures,” Fuhrman said. “The YWCA and everyone gathered today are helping make that possible.”

TC was also represented by YWCA NYC President Danielle Moss Lee (Ed. D. ’06,  Educational Leadership). “I am inspired every day by stellar graduates like Danielle,” Fuhrman said.

For more than 150 years, the YWCA has worked to create a more equitable and inclusive society. Like TC, it has been on the frontlines of advocacy and some of the most life-changing and progressive issues of the times.

“I am very fortunate as President of Teachers College to lead an institution that is committed to fairness and equity in everything we do,” Fuhrman said. “We want to make a difference in areas where a difference needs to be made – we share with the YWCA the commitment to improving access to higher education and STEM careers, especially for students from under-represented groups.

“We are also making a difference through our school partnerships in Harlem, collaborating to improve educational outcomes for all children. I am very pleased to accept this award on behalf of TC and to celebrate with you our shared commitment to building a fairer and more just world.”

For more information about the YWCA’s Grace Hoadley Dodge award, click here.

Published Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Susan H. Fuhrman
Teachers College President Susan H. Fuhrman