Conservatives Say Charters “Soften the Ground” for Private Options | Teachers College Columbia University

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Conservatives View Charters as Softening the Ground for Private Options


An article in Alternet published on March 13, author Jeff Bryant writes that TC's Jeff "Henig believes many conservatives view charter schools as a way to 'soften the ground' for potentially more private options, though he isn’t entirely sure 'the Waltons view charters as a Trojan Horse for eventually providing vouchers universally.' " 

Bryant quotes Henig, a professor of political science and chair of TC's Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis, as saying he "has little doubt the current intention of the [Walmart] [F]oundation is to 'rapidly expand the number of charter schools to create a constituency of parents and others who will have a direct stake in the continued funding and expansion of these schools.' ” To see the full story, go to:  How the Cutthroat Walmart Business Model Is Reshaping American Public Education

Published Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016

Jeffrey Henig
Jeffrey Henig