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A Great Rap by TC’s Emdin about Why, for Black Males, Teaching Has Such a Bad One

Christopher Emdin, Associate Professor of Science Education in TC's Department of Math, Science & Technology, doesn’t just teach about how to use rap and hip hop as teaching tools – he puts his mouth where his money is. Appearing on PBS Newshour’s “In My Humble Opinion,” Emdin raps about the shortage of black male teachers:

Fifty percent of public school students are of color, right? 
And eighty-two percent of teachers are of the other  white 
Less than two percent of those who teach are black males
Yet one in fifteen of those same males ends up in jail

And concludes that the pressures on black men who teach are untenable:

Test prep begets yet even more frustration
I prep 'em for a test they detest so they fail it
Then I get blamed and nailed to the cross as if
I'm the cause of it
So of course I feel I’m forced to quit

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Published Monday, Jan 9, 2017