As a Certified Educational Therapist, Sandra Segala worked tirelessly to provide reading support and treatment for children with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD.

Segala passed away in 2016, but her impact continues – including through the establishment of the Sandra Segala Endowed Scholarship at Teachers College. Although Segala was not a TC alumna, her family and friends, along with her students and their parents, wanted to share her story and encourage others to follow in her footsteps. The Sandra Segala Endowed Scholarship supports students in the TC Reading Specialist program who are pursuing careers as reading specialists and assisting children with learning disabilities.

The first Sandra Segala scholar is Reading Specialist MA candidate Jamela Dermish- a teacher for the past 10 years who was looking to hone her skills.

“At TC I have found several opportunities to become a better educator,” she says, “be it through conducting research on evidence-based reading practices, working with adults and students with reading disabilities in the reading clinic, or working with English Language Learners at Frederick Douglass Academy II in Harlem.”

Dermish mirrors the commitment that Segala brought to her own work with students. Joan Luks, who was a friend of Sandra’s and is a contributor to the Sandra Segala Scholarship, says her son, who struggled in kindergarten, improved both his confidence and his performance after working with Segala.

“Sandy was one-of-a kind and her students and parents knew how very special she was. Not only was she an excellent teacher, but she cared and showed so much kindness. Whatever the challenge a student had Sandy emphasized the positives” says Luks.

Teachers College is proud to be honor the memory of Sandra Segala, a great educator, friend and role model. Through the Sandra Segala Endowed Scholarship, scholars are encouraged to build on Segala’s legacy and help students overcome learning barriers through high-quality assessment, intervention and specialized care.

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