My name is Taylor and I'm currently a second-year Nutrition Education Masters student! I'm originally from Syracuse, NY, and I received my BS in Nutrition from Syracuse University in 2019. I love to cook and discover new recipes, as well as  hang out with my roommates in my spare time!

The Digital File

This article is part of the TC Digital File, an ongoing series spotlighting the efforts of TC faculty members to adapt and enhance their teaching in a new era of remote learning.

Q:  Lecture courses are a big part of your program -- how has the transition been to an online setting?

For my lecture-based classes, the online format has been excellent. Having the slides directly in front of me on my computer and seeing the professor help mimic the classroom environment. These sessions are also recorded. This is the biggest perk, I feel, to this entire online format. I can access the recording at any time to review the lecture at my own pace.

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Q:  You mentioned that the adjustment to successful online learning has been largely attributed to your professors. How so? 

The professors are aware of this adjustment in our education and are more than willing to work with us. I feel as though they have truly stepped up and offered as much assistance as  needed. The same goes for my peers. We all want to see each other continue to succeed given the circumstances. Having Zoom meetings after class with my peers is one of the best ways we’ve been able to stay in touch! We often chat about how we’re feeling and how we are keeping ourselves accountable doing school from home.

Q: What elements of online learning do you like the most? 

I am being completely honest when I say I have experienced a new way of learning and staying motivated through this experience. I am able to set up my computer from anywhere in my home. I can set up my desk, make myself a cup of coffee, and tune into my class in the comfort of my home. Having class at the same time still provides the structure I need.