Dear Members of the TC community:

Later today, in the pre-recorded State of the College address, you will be hearing from us about the many accomplishments of our community over the past year and the ways we are charting TC’s strategic path forward. While it is important to spend time celebrating our achievements, before we gather, we want to take a moment to reflect on the tragic events of last week.

In moments of crisis, it can be enormously difficult to stay focused on our daily responsibilities. Everything can seem small in the wake of such a senseless tragedy. It is in times like these that we are reminded of the vital and abiding importance of community. As you will hear in the State of the College address, TC is always at its strongest in the face of challenges and we are profoundly grateful to be part of a community that is so caring and that springs into action when it sees suffering.

As always, we are stronger together. Thank you for working with such energy, commitment, and compassion to create a smarter, healthier, and more equitable world — we look forward to virtually gathering with you at the SOTC address later today.



Tom Bailey Signature

Thomas Bailey
President, Teachers College

Marion signature

Marion Bakhoya
Student Senate President