Dear Members of the TC Community,

Following the violent attacks near campus on December 2, we write to reiterate the enhanced public safety measures that have been implemented and to reassure you of the College’s continued focus on the safety and well-being of every member of the TC community.

Public Safety Patrols and Collaboration

As previously communicated, the TC and CU Offices of Public Safety have increased exterior campus patrols, and the NYPD will also perform extra patrols, particularly in Morningside Park and its perimeter, between 7:00 pm and 3:30 am. The NYPD has also temporarily assigned officers in vehicles to patrol inside Morningside Park 24 hours a day, in addition to having uniformed NYPD officers conducting directed patrols within Morningside Park throughout the day.

Via Shuttle Service

As a reminder, free Via shuttle service is available to community members as an alternative to walking alone at night. To access the service, download the Via app and apply CU’s unique promo code which is updated for each academic term (you will need your UNI and password to access the code). The service runs until 3:00 am each night, and start times vary depending on the month. Check this calendar for the most up to date start times. 

Note that demand for the shuttle service has increased dramatically since December 2. CU is continuing to work with Via to increase services, but please plan ahead and schedule your pick-up in advance of your departure.  

TCAlert System

We have received some inquiries about why a TCAlert was not sent out following this attack. The Electronic Notification Service (ENS) TCAlert system is used only to inform the community about immediate threats to safety in and around the TC campus. In this case, the suspect was already apprehended by NYPD by the time we were notified of the crime, thus, no alert was issued.   

The TCAlert system, however, remains a critical safety measure for the TC community. If you have not already signed up for these text alerts, which enable fast and efficient dissemination of information of an urgent nature, please follow these instructions to do so.

Situational Awareness

The Public Safety team also wants to remind community members to use caution when walking at night. It is better to walk with other people rather than alone. Be aware of your surroundings, do not allow yourself to be distracted by talking or texting on your cell phone, stay in well-lit areas, avoid deserted routes, and call 911 if you observe any suspicious activity.
As we come to the end of the Fall 2021 semester and look ahead to the new year, we remain committed to your safety and will provide updates on security measures as they become available. Remember, if you experience an emergency on campus, call the Public Safety emergency line at 212-678-3333 (ext. 3333 from a campus phone). For emergencies off campus, please call 911. Please contact should you have questions or concerns.


Hank Perkowski
Vice President for Finance and Operations

John DeAngelis
Assistant Vice President, Office of Public Safety