Dear Members of our Teachers College Community,
On behalf of our entire community, we write to warmly extend a happy Lunar New Year greeting to our Asian and Asian American faculty, students, and staff.  While the pandemic has made travel quite difficult, we hope those of you who cannot be with loved ones in person will be able to celebrate holiday traditions and festivities with them virtually.
As we  join together with you in the hopeful holiday spirit of renewal, we cannot let this moment pass without noting and condemning the alarming rise of anti-Asian incidents in our midst. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Asians and Asian Americans have borne the brunt of xenophobic rage and hysteria, stoked by racist rhetoric that has scapegoated them for the virus’ spread. Over the past year, there have been more than 2,800 anti-Asian incidents nationwide, ranging from verbal attacks and job discrimination to vandalism and deadly violence.
It is heartening that President Biden has ordered government action to combat the racism that has been directed toward Asian American and Pacific Islander persons, families, communities, and businesses.  
As an inclusive community that is committed to building a more equitable and just society, we have to do our part as well. We join as one to preserve a safe, welcoming environment for all of our people. We stand as one to protect and defend any member of our community against discrimination, harassment, and assault. And we rise as one to condemn all acts and expressions of racism directed toward our Asian and Asian American sisters and brothers.
This recent wave of anti-Asian incidents is but the latest chapter in a long, sad history of racist discrimination and violence in the United States. The task of making this the final chapter will be enormously difficult. But in this lunar year of the ox, which is the symbol of hard work and movement, combatting racism and hate in all of its forms is the way forward. Let us honor the spirit of Lunar New Year and get moving!

Stephanie J. Rowley
Provost and Dean of the College
Janice S. Robinson 
Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs