Dear Members of the TC Community:

Today is Good Friday and the first day of Passover and I want to wish everyone who is celebrating a joyous and peaceful holiday. 

Easter and Passover are deeply meaningful holidays for many members of our extended TC community and whether you are celebrating or not, I think all of us can appreciate the sense of hope and new beginnings they represent. 

At the same time, particularly as we head into a week when the Jewish faith celebrates liberation from oppression and slavery in Egypt, I want to recognize the persistent need to combat bias and bigotry that continues to oppress marginalized groups and the fact that liberation from antisemitism remains elusive. Indeed, along with a rise in other forms of racial violence over the past two years, there has been a significant increase in antisemitic incidents, including physical assaults, bomb threats and other hate crimes.  

Against this backdrop, working to build a healthy society in which diversity, equity, inclusion and justice are living principles is more important than ever. I am proud to be part of a community that takes this responsibility seriously. 

I know that as we welcome the arrival of spring and the promise of renewal that both Easter and Passover celebrate, we will also renew our commitment to creating a community, country and world in which every individual is safe, valued, respected and welcome.


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Thomas Bailey
President, Teachers College