Winter is finally here! Whether you are strolling through the snowy streets of Morningside Heights or grabbing a hot cup of hot cocoa at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, we invite you to explore some of our favorite, cozy TC moments from winter’s past.

10. Let the first campus snowfall commence. 

Did you know, the average winter snowfall in NYC is about 25 inches per year?! Keep those snow shovels handy, friends. 

9. Riverside Park is just steps away from campus when you're ready for a snowball fight or a sledding session.

8. We're here for the winter wonderland vibes on the Columbia quad.

7. Our furry friends know how to make the most out of the cold.

6. Walking in a TC wonderland. 

5. 'Tis the season for freezin'. 

Can you guess what the coldest recorded day in NYC is? The answer…? -15 degrees! Bundle up, TC. 

4. Alma Mater isn't phased by a little bit of snow. 

Columbia fun fact: At the first snowfall of each year, CU and TC students converge on Low Plaza for a friendly, free-for-all snowball fight under the watchful eye of Alma Mater.

3. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” on TC Way. 

2. We love the lights on College Walk. 

Did you know that Columbia’s annual Tree Lighting Ceremony — a night of food, music and activities counting down to the first moment of illumination — is a newer campus tradition, only beginning in 1998?

1.  Stay warm and enjoy the season!