Educate yourself on issues related to the LGBTQ community with the goal of learning more no matter your current knowledge base. Great places to start include intersectional resources from Human Rights Campaign; research from TC’s Oren Pizmony-Levy on the experiences of queer Irish youth in schools; reporting from the TC-based Hechinger Report; reflections on the contributions of trans women in the LGBTQ rights movement from TC’s Gregory Payton; TC’s Sexuality, Women & Gender Project, a training program on sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing; and the above panel discussion with TC alum Kevin Jennings (M.A. '94), who produced the critically acclaimed documentary Welcome to Chechnya, which details the government-sanctioned persecution of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Russia-controlled Chechen Republic.



Stay open to hearing LGBTQ+ stories, so you can keep learning, engaging and supporting others in their personal expression.