Dear TC Community:

Last week, members of the Teachers College community came together to share their thoughts and feelings about the horrific Russia-Ukraine war. This invasion of a democratic, peaceful country continues to take countless innocent lives. We write to reaffirm our solidarity with individuals affected by the war in Ukraine. As a follow-up to the TC Community Support Gathering, we created a resource list that includes suggestions from TC community members who joined the gathering.  

To learn of ways to support affected individuals during these difficult times, please visit the TC Relief Efforts website. Please know that these are simply suggested external resources—the College is not formally endorsing any charitable organizations. The site also includes articles and background information that may be helpful as we continue to assimilate and better understand this situation. 

You may also be interested in listening to a panel discussion on the war in Ukraine being hosted by Columbia University this evening, Tuesday, March 8, from 6:00-7:00 pm.

Lastly, as I expressed last week, it is important that we continue to support each other during these difficult times and that we continue to use education as a tool to uplift democracy, promote peace and advance social justice.


Thank you, 

Janice S. Robinson
Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs
Title IX Coordinator 
Associate Professor of Higher Education