Dear TC Community Members:

I want to wish a happy and colorful Holi to those who are celebrating and your loved ones. And for those of you who may be far from home or family, I hope that you can experience the joy and magic of this holiday.

Holi, also called the Festival of Colors, is an ancient Hindu tradition that is celebrated today throughout the world. This festival recognizes the arrival of spring, and the idea of brightness and good triumphing over darkness and evil. Celebrants often gather around bonfires and take part in the playful throwing of colorful powder called gulal as part of the festivities.

Holi’s core tenet that good can — and will — endure over the dark may reinvigorate us all as we continue our work to help create a more equitable, prosperous world. May the colors of Holi spread wishes of joy, love and peace for all.


Thomas Bailey
President, Teachers College