Dear TC Faculty, Students and Staff,

Many in our community are suffering, in fear for safety for self and others, and have lost or are worried about loved ones. Palestinians, Muslims, Jewish and Israeli peoples throughout the world are in deep anguish as a result of the continuing and devastating deaths in Israel, Gaza, and the region. These foreboding times are not new yet weigh heavily upon us.

What is extraordinary about OUR Teachers College community is that YOU have demonstrated tremendous acts of empathy, support and extra kindness to each other regardless of your thoughts, political positions and personal or family experiences. This is Teachers College. We strive to be one community. We support each other and do not target or make our colleagues experience hate or fear in our hallways, classrooms or offices or on social media. We must commit to each other to inspire change in the world.

Despite the tremendous support we have witnessed students, faculty and staff show for each other at TC, we want to make sure everyone knows what they would do if, in fact, they are made to feel unsafe by the treatment of others at this time or any time.

Please see below for information on reporting bias related incidents, resources for support, and key policies and procedures to help create a safe Teachers College environment.

Reporting Bias Related Incidents 

For Bias Incidents and Conduct Occurring at Teachers College
Teachers College is dedicated to the promotion of equity, excellence, and the free exchange of ideas in education. Bias-related incidents are those involving language and/or behavior that demonstrates bias against persons because of their actual or perceived color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, race, religion, and/ or sexual orientation. If you believe a bias-related incident has occurred, please fill out the following form.

You may report to any of the following offices and/or administrators by email or in-person:

Safety or Health Concern: Report to TC Public Safety If there is ever immediate risk to health or safety, please contact Public Safety at (212) 678-3333 or use the TC SAFE App, the official safety app for the TC community. 


  • Students may contact Student Support & Advocacy (SSA) by completing this contact form or contact Columbia University's Counseling and Psychological Services for counseling and mental health support.
  • Employees may access the counseling support through the Employee Assistance Program.
  • The College Ombuds is a confidential and independent resource available to students, faculty and staff for resolving problems and conflicts. Members of the College community can use the services of the Ombuds Office when they need assistance or advice, or after other efforts have not succeeded. The Office provides information and explains options for resolving a wide range of problems and rectifying many situations affecting the academic or work life of members of the College community.
  • All TC community members can contact Columbia University’s Office of Religious Life for religious and spiritual support.

Important TC Policies and Procedures

For Bias Incidents and Conduct Occurring at Columbia University (not TC):

To report incidents of concern, bias, harassment, or discrimination, please go to the University’s General Concern Reporting form. By completing this form, the appropriate University Officials can review, respond, and offer support resources. For information about the University’s bias reporting process, please go here . If there is ever immediate risk to health or safety, please contact Columbia Public Safety at 212-854-5555 (Morningside), 212-853-3333 (Manhattanville), or 212-305-7979 (CUIMC). 

If you are participating  in activities on the Columbia University campus , please be aware of the Rules of University Conduct.


Janice S. Robinson                        
Vice President for Diversity and Community Affairs