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Neuroscience and Education

Neuroscience and Education

In the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences

Financial Aid

The Teachers College Office of Financial Aid is available to assist students in obtaining the resources needed to achieve their educational and professional goals. 

All students must complete a TC Scholarship Application to be considered for institutional scholarships. Types of scholarships and grants available at TC are:

  • General Scholarships
  • Minority Student Scholarships
  • International Student Scholarships
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Internships, Fellowships and Research Assistantships

Program faculty nominate new students for scholarships based on the admission and degree applications of the new students and on the Teachers College academic records for the continuing students. To receive priority consideration for scholarships, new students must complete their admissions application by the priority deadlines.

Federal Work Study (FWS): is a need-based, Federal financial aid program providing part-time employment to eligible students. The program is very competitive and students awarded Federal Work Study are NOT guaranteed a Federal Work Study position - they must acquire one themselves in order to access their FWS funds.**

To view available Federal Work Study Positions, students must search the Employment (Student Positions) section of the Human Resources website: Students can also contact Biobehavioral Sciences Department Staff and/or the program coordinator, Peter Gordon regarding opportunities in research labs.

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