The Promise of Psychology at Teachers College

Psychology is and has always been a cornerstone of Teachers College. In 1899 Edward Lee Thorndike joined the faculty of Teachers College to extend his research and teaching on the psychology and learning of children, and in 1904 psychologist and philosopher John Dewey joined the faculty. Today, comprising more than one third of our faculty, eminent, accomplished psychologists conduct groundbreaking research in a variety of fields of psychology. Some students prepare for research careers in academia or industry; others work in schools; and many seek to address the educational, professional and other psychological needs of individuals, families, groups, organizations, schools, institutions, and communities across the lifespan and around the world. Students learn to work effectively with individuals of diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Emphasizing the link between research and practice, Psychology at TC combines an abiding commitment to social justice with an insistence on rigorous scientific method.

The Institute for Psychological Science & Practice

The Institute provides a supportive structure where faculty and students can work synergistically together across our academic programs, research centers and labs.

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Academic Programs

Nearly a quarter of TC students enroll in one of our 12 programs which feature 30 different degrees and/or certificates across many of our academic departments.

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By the Numbers


of degree students enrolled in psychology programs (2019)


different degrees or certificates


affiliated research centers


Masters in Psychology awarded since 1981


Doctorates in Psychology awarded since 1981


full-time Psychology faculty and 147 affiliated Psychologists

Psychology in the News

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Research Interests & Labs

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Faculty Profiles

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