Managing Your Financial Aid

Managing Your Financial Aid

Our goal is to help you manage your financial aid, from the time you receive your financial aid offer. This section of our website provides step-by-step instructions about many of the tasks you will need to complete.

Interpreting Your TC Aid Offer

Financial aid offers contain detailed information. We encourage you to refer to our website when you review your TC aid offer. We include helpful context and explanations that may answer questions about your offer.

How to Accept or Decline Different Forms of Financial Aid

When it is time for you to decide what aid to accept or decline, you will need to follow a specific process. We provide the instructions you need to follow for Federal Direct Loans, Federal TEACH Grant, and Federal Work-Study, as well as Graduate PLUS Loans. We encourage you to spend time learning about the tasks that will need your attention.

Paying Your TC Bill

You may have questions when you receive your TC bill. Our page about how to manage your bill may answer many of your questions, from what charges to expect to how to pay. Please learn more information about your TC bill.

Understanding the Financial Aid Timeline

It can be easy to focus on your academic studies while you are in graduate school, but you will need to keep certain financial aid tasks on your calendar. Our website gives you an idea of how to plan for future financial aid processes at different times of the year.

Planning for Federal Loan Repayment

If you use federal loans to help pay for graduate school, then you will need to know how and when to repay them. The process will differ depending on several factors, and you can learn more information about repaying your loans in this section of the website.

Budgets and Financial Wellness

Many graduate students depend on budgets to help support their success. We offer resources about budgeting and financial wellness that may help you manage your finances while studying at Teachers College.

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