Your TC Aid Offer

Accessing your Teachers College Financial Aid Offer 

When you receive your offer of admission from Teachers College, you may access your financial aid offer letter in your TC Pathway portal. After you pay your deposit to enroll, you can access your financial aid offer in your myTC portal. Typically, our Office of Financial Aid begins sending aid offer letters for new students in February, and continuing students begin receiving their offers in late May/early June. 

Changes in Your Aid Amount

Your aid offer may change. We revise your initial aid offer letter if you provide updated financial information, or if you receive an additional scholarship, federal aid award, or any aid that is offered after you receive your initial notification. If we revise your offer, then we will send you an email notification that prompts you to review the updated information. 

Our Office of Financial Aid is unable to provide advance estimates of future financial aid offers.

Components of Your Offer Letter

Your financial situation is specific to you, so your aid offer letter will include the cost of attendance and funding that applies to your enrollment and program of study. Your total aid award or “package” is based on your plans for enrollment and your financial need.

What Your Aid Offer Includes

Your financial aid offer letter provides information about what types of aid you have been offered, and how much money you can receive. You may see separate amounts in your offer letter for scholarships, grants, federal loans, assistantships, Federal Work-Study, or other types of aid, depending on what you applied for and what you are eligible to receive. 

In addition, your aid offer letter includes:

  • The terms and conditions of any scholarships that you receive
  • Information about your cost of attendance
  • Directions on how you should accept or decline the financial aid in your offer

You may adjust your scholarship award across semesters in a single academic year by using a Scholarship Redistribution Form. If you want to determine your out-of-pocket costs, you may subtract the total amount of financial aid from your total charges. Contact our office if you have any questions regarding the information that appears in your award letter.

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