Interdepartmental Charges/Transfers

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Interdepartmental Charges/Transfers

Interdepartmental Charge (IDC)

Some areas of the College provide services to departments that need to be accounted for in the form of an interdepartmental charge. Services provided by the post office, duplication, telecom, and on occasion security and facilities – to name a few – will be charged to the interdepartmental charge (IDC) lines 719X. For this type of transfer, the Department Expense Inquiry/Transfer Form (green form) should be used. For example:

  • Public Safety: Transfer charges from your index account 7195 to 138550-9320
  • Facilities: Transfer charges from your index account 7191 to 134300/134500-9320
  • Media Services: Transfer charges from your index account 7191 to 135103-9320

Interdepartmental Transfers

If an expense item is incorrectly charged to your budget, the Departmental Expense Inquiry/Transfer Form should be used to transfer the expense to the proper department. The transfer must be approved by the appropriate Responsible Person whose budget will receive the charge. Contact the Office of Budget & Planning if you need assistance.