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Capital Projects

The Department of



The Department of Capital Projects oversees all construction activities, and we are committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities for students, faculty, and staff. The Department strives for success in every project by these three goals: 


Early Planning


The project manager will maintain direct interaction and communication with the client, consultant, and other internal Teachers College Departments such as CIS, Facilities, Environmental, Health and Safety, Public Safety and Residential Services.

Services to include architectural, engineering studies, code analysis and assessment, provide basic space analysis, and assist in spatial layouts for new furniture to promote and sustain College approved furniture brands, materials, finishes, and standards. All services to be provided in conjunction with the appropriate consultant.


The team will provide continuous communication to maintain the client's expectations and supervise project progress to ensure schedule and project goals. The Department will be accountable for establishing and managing schedules, budgets, and quality control.

Early Planning:

The project management team is solely responsible for all aspects of the project from the initial study phase to close out. The team will provide early planning strategy, depending on the scope of the project, which will include an architect or engineer selection process to create a cohesive design team to meet the needs of the client.

Definition of Services:

Project Management

  • Provide comprehensive management of every stage of the project, beginning with the original concept and project definition.
  • Each project manager will be accountable for all consultant and contractors on the project team while maintaining the needs of the client.
  • Recommend a cohesive design team or consultant based on the size of the project. Each project manager will go through a Request For Proposal (RFP) process with the client.
  • Responsible and accountable to maintain the project budget and schedule as approved.
  • Responsible for project completion and full hand over of finished space to the office of facilities for on-going maintenance.

Space Analysis and Planning

  • Provide small scale existing space surveys.
  • Analyze and provide possible space layouts as per NYC building codes of existing space based on needs.


  • Create conceptual framework of client's needs.
  • Create and define scope of work.

Budget Estimating and Management

  • Provide project budget estimates to include all hard and soft costs.
  • Analyze project design to identify possible cost savings.
  • Comprehensive cost benefit analysis.


  • Provide scope of work breakdown structure.
  • Identifying milestones and generating a critical path.
  • Provide strategic risk analysis (Time vs. Cost).

Quality Control

  • Provide continuous project management after project is complete to confirm and commission new systems are integrated within the base building infrastructure.
  • Provide full follow up service as seasons change to confirm system changes on new equipment and materials.