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Teachers College, Columbia University has an active presence on many social media accounts with many different voices.

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College Accounts (Office of External Affairs)

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Contact(s): Matt Vincent, Morgan Gilbard

Admissions and Enrollment Services

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Contact(s): Sara Edmunds

Alumni Relations

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Contact(s): Emily Kobel

Teachers College Student Affairs

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Teachers College Student Senate

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College Events

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Contact(s): Stephen Kuschman

Additional Pages



Arts and Humanities

FB  TW    LI        

Art and Art Education


Arts Administration

FB TW            

Bilingual/Bicultural Education


English Education


Deaf Education 

FB TW IG           

History and Education


Music and Music Education


Philosophy and Education


Social Studies Education

 FB  TW            

Applied Linguistics & TESOL


Biobehavioral Sciences 


Movement Science and Education


Applied Exercise Physiology 


Curriculum and Teaching in Physical Education 


Motor Learning and Control 


Physical Education 




Occupational Therapy


Speech and Langauge Pathology 




Counseling & Clinical Psychology 


Clinical Psychology 


Psychological Counseling 


Teaching Students with Disabilities: Learning Disabilities (Grades 7-12)


Curriculum & Teaching


Curriculum and Teaching


Early Childhood Development 


Early Childhood Special Education


Elementary Inclusive Education


Secondary Inclusive Education


Gifted Education


Graduate Writing Center


Literacy Specialist


Education Policy and Social Analysis

FB TW            

Economics and Education


Sociology and Education


Politics and Education


Education Policy 


Health & Behavior Studies


Nursing Education


Reading Specialist 


School Psychology 


Applied Development and Learning Psychology 


Guidance and Rehabilitation 


Physical Disabilities 


Severe or Multiple Disabilities


Applied Behavior Analysis




Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Human Development 


Cognitive Studies in Education 


Developmental Psychology Programs 


Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics 


Applied Statistics 


International & Transcultural Studies 




Applied Anthropology 


International and Comparative Education 


Mathematics, Science & Technology 

FB TW         YT  

Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design 

FB  TW            

Computing in Education 


Instructional Technology and Media 


Media Technology Specialist 




Technology Specialist K-12 Initial Certification


Online Masters in Computing in Education


Mathematics Education 

FB  TW            

Science Education


Oraganization & Leadership 


Adult Learning and Leadership 


Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS)


Education Leadership 


Executive Program for Nurses 

FB     LI        

Higher and Postsecondary Education

FB TW   LI        

Social-Organizational Psychology 


Conflit Resolution


Continuing Professional Studies 


Family and Community Education 


General Offerings


Interdisciplinary Studies in Education


Law and Educational Institutions


Urban Education


Accelerated Schools Project                
Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative                 
Cahn Fellows Probram for Distinguished Public School Principals                 
Campaign for Educational Equity  FB TW            
Center for African Education                
Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment (CAPSEE) FB TW            
Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education                
Center for Cerebral Palsy Research                 
Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies                 
Center for Opportunities & Opportunities & Outcomes for People with Disibilities                 
Center for the Professional Education of Teachers FB TW            
Center for Technology and School Change   TW            
Center on Chinese Education                
Community College Research Center FB TW    LI        
Consortium for Policy Research in Education FB TW          YT  
Dean Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services                
Edward D. Mysak Clinic for the Study of the Family as Educator                 
Elbenwood Center for the Study of the Family as Educator                 
Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media FB TW            
Hollingworth Center   TW            
Institute for Learning Technologies                 
Insititute for Urban and Minority Education FB TW         YT  
Institute on Education and the Economy                
International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution FB TW            
J.M. Huber Institute for Learning in Organizations                
Klingenstein Center for Independent Shool Leadership FB TW            
Laura M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy  FB TW            
National Center for Children and Families                 
National Center for Posecondary Research                
National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching                
National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education                
Peace Corps Fellows Program FB TW IG          
Sexuality, Women, & Gender Project   TW            
Reading and Writing Project FB TW            
Rita Gold Early Childhood Center                
Secondary Literacy Institute                

TC Hashtag Archive

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 Alumni Related News
#TCSTUDENTS  Current Student News
#TCFACULTY  Faculty Related News
 #TC125  TC's 125th Anniversary
 #TCWEEK  TC's 125th Anniversary Event
 #TCHAPPY  TC Convocation
 #TCFUTUREFIRST  The Campaign for Teachers College
 #TCFOOD  Tisch Food Center
 #SUBURBANPROMISE  The Suburban Promise of Brown
 #TCORIENTATION  New Student Orientation
 #BEAVOICE  TC Student Senate
 #TCACFEST  Academic Festival
 #TCGALA  TC's 125th Anniversary Gala
 #NEXTSTEPTC  TC Admissions Office
 #MAXINEGREENE Maxine Greene Memorial  
 #TCRWP  Teachers College Reading and Writing Project
#EdChat  Used for discussions on Education
#STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
#EdTech  Education Technology

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