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Conflict Resolution

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Program Description

The Program in Conflict Resolution is a concentration of courses aimed at developing core competencies for reflective scholars/practitioners. It is offered both as a track in the Master of Arts and Doctoral programs in Social-Organizational Psychology and, in whole or in part, as a complement to the studies of students throughout the College. The courses are offered by the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), whose mission is to help individuals, schools, communities, businesses and governments better understand the nature of conflict and how to achieve its constructive resolution.

Advanced Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

Students interested in receiving an Advanced Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution must complete a sequence of six courses:

  • ORLJ 5340 Adaptive negotiation & conflict resolution

  • ORLJ 6040 Fundamentals of cooperation, conflict resolution and mediation in different institutional settings

  • ORLJ 6350 Conflict Resolution: Advanced Methods for Identity and Intergroup Conflict

  • ORLJ Elective An ICCCR-sponsored elective course; electives vary semester to semester

  • ORLJ 5012 Organizational internship (in community mediation or an organizational setting)

For more information regarding graduate studies in cooperation and conflict resolution, visit our website: If you have questions, please contact the ICCCR office at (212) 678-3402, or email us:

Note: Students who take these courses on a non-credit basis will be awarded a Cooperation and Conflict Resolution Certificate of Completion.

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