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Interdisciplinary Studies in Education

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Program Description

This Academic Program is designed for students who have interests in an area of specialization not offered at the College, but for which a coherent and integrated degree program may be developed through the selection of a combination of current course offerings from several different disciplines or Academic Programs at Teachers College.

Limited to areas of study at Teachers College, admission to the Interdisciplinary Studies in Education program is granted only if the designed program of study cannot be pursued through one of the established areas of specialization, many of which have a sufficient degree of flexibility to permit an interdisciplinary approach to a field of study. All Teachers College professors are eligible to serve as advisors and the applicant is required to seek the support of a minimum of two advisors from the relevant disciplines represented in the proposed program of study as part of the application process. For the M.A. or Ed.M. degree a comprehensive examination, essay, or special integrative project is required.

Contact the Admission Office (212) 678-3710 for a more detailed description of the Program and procedures for applying.

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