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Law and Educational Institutions

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Program Description

In schools and postsecondary institutions, public and private, legal considerations play a central role in questions of educational governance, finance, curriculum, instruction, admission, staffing, accountability, equality of opportunity, and school reform. It is therefore important for policy analysts, administrators, policy makers, advocates, teachers, and communities to understand law in its many forms – constitutional provisions, statutes, regulations, policies, court decisions, administrative regulations, and collective bargaining agreements, among others. There is also a growing need for effective collaboration between educators, lawyers, and researchers; such collaboration not only helps avoid costly and divisive litigation but provides a powerful tool that can be used to advance important educational objectives.

This is not a degree program, nor is it a certificate program. Coursework in education law mayn be taken in connection with degree programs in most Teachers College Departments. For course descriptions, please see course listing in the Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis.

EDPA 4086 Law and education: Regulation, religion, free speech, and safety (3)

EDPA 5016 Educational equality: The role of law (3)

EDPA 4033 Comprehensive Educational Opportunity (3)

EDPA 5880 School Law Institute (3)

Various topics courses, including Social Science, Education Policy, and the Courts (3)

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