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The Columbia Coaching Certification Program is one aspect of our larger commitment to enhancing human potential and organizational performance through coaching. Achieving mastery of the fundamental coaching skills is a lifetime journey and we see the certification program as a stop along the way. Columbia University’s Coaching Center of Excellence (COE) three organizational structures:


Columbia Coaching Certification Program (3CP) --we launched the year-long professional coach preparation program during the Fall of 2007. Our 31st cohort will start with the program in November of 2023, marking over 1500 participants completing the front-end 5-day residential segment of the program, over 839 have completed the entire year-long program, with nearly 100 participants in process, from over 50 countries around the world. It has provided a solid foundation for build an alumni organization, the 2nd component of Columbia's Coaching Center of Excellence. (Click for Participant Map)

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Columbia Coaching Learning Association (CCLA)--while a hand full of graduates had worked to create an alumni association since the first cohort 2007; sparked by the need to formalize to co-sponsor Columbia's 1st International Coaching Conference, an alumni organization, under the formal name of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program's Alumni Associated received its Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Delaware on March 10, 2014; followed by on Employer ID from the IRS on March 26, 2014, and importantly its 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status August 29, 2014; during the FY 2015/2016 CCLA is focused on engaging the Board of Directors to provide the organizational leadership needed to realize its purpose to serve as a community of practice for 3CP graduates, as well as other scholars, practitioners, scholar-practitioners, researchers, students, talent management professionals and others who are interested in the study and practice of executive and organizational coaching in the context of the Columbia’s 3 Coaching Foundations3 (i.e., mindset, competencies, and process) - this entity is key in developing the capacity needed to delivery custom solutions to organizational clients, CCLA also represents channel for efficiently promoting new programming, use this link to learn more about this entity (http://cclacolumbia.org/); and


Columbia Talent Alliance (CTA)--the third component of Columbia's Coaching Center of Excellence is intended to provide a platform for accessing our growing global community of program alumni, combined with faculty and other resources across the university to provide customized talent development and organizational effectiveness solutions to meet market inquiries for these services - that we have consistently received even prior to formally launching 3CP back in 2007. Our current objective is to identify 2 - 3 organizational projects to serve as a "proof of concept" to formalize this critical component of the center.

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The Center for Coaching Excellence exists to create value to individuals, groups and organizations interested in the on-going enhancement of knowledge about the process of coaching and related skills. The Center provides multiple spaces and opportunities for learning, development and renewal.

The Center leverages the power of imagination and co-creation by sponsoring conferences, conducting and disseminating research, developing e-learning modules and offering collaborative e-forums for networks of coaches to stay connected. Creating coach-specific research projects is an excellent example of 3CP candidates both developing an appreciation for the power of research to inform effective, professional practice, as well as, contributing to the knowledge-base of this exciting and emerging field of professional practice. 

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