One of our aims when designing the program was to build a global learning community of highly effective and professional executive and organizational coaches.

Since the launch of the program in the Fall of 2007, over 1500 participants have completed the front-end coach intensive (i.e., External Coach Intensive, Internal Coach Intensive, Virtual Front-end Coaching Intensive, or Front-end Coaching Intensive) with participants haling from nearly 40 states across American and over 50 countries around the globe. To date, 863, have completed our entire 1-year certification process!  

As noted elsewhere on our website, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we offered our newly designed Virtual Front-end Coaching Intensive by combining ECI & ICI into a single 1-week, high-impact digital learning experience for the Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and Fall 2021 as a virtual program. 

Prior to this change to our program, forty-five percent of the participants have attended the “Internal Coach Intensive” for those individuals interested in gaining a competitive advantage by strategically balancing organizational needs and individual motivation to drive performance, innovation and creativity through the intentional use of coaching as a core approach to people development. This group comes from a wide range of organizations and industries including Morgan Stanley, Ralph Lauren, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Panasonic, Square Space, and Pearson to name a few.

The remaining fifty-five percent of our participants have started in the “External Coach Intensive” with an emphasis on exploring approaches to unleash the power of human potential for these clients, one leader and one group/team at a time through the gift of coaching. These attendees tend to either represent organizations that provide talent management solutions to external clients (e.g., McKinsey & Company or Korn/Ferry International) or are independent, human capital service providers with the desire to add coaching to their portfolio (e.g., May Coach & Human Factor International). In addition, we’ve had lawyers, doctors and professional from other fields attracted to coaching's potential to contribute to the personal fulfillment and to the world.

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