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Welcome to the Columbia Coaching Certification Program

Over a period of a year, Columbia Coaching Certification Program (logo image) participants will navigate a path towards mastery of three Coaching Foundations, specifically, participants:

  • Begin by developing a solid understanding of four guiding principles found to differentiate highly effective executive and organizational coaches;
  • Gain intensive practice with nine, research-based, core coaching competencies; and
  • Embed these critical capabilities in a high-impact, 3-Phase coaching process.

The primary aim of our three component certification process is to help participants chart their path towards an individualized, signature coaching approach. 3CP is offered for a minimum of 12.6 graduate-level, university-based CEUs (continuing education units) as an authorized International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).‌

3CP is part of the broader vision of building a Coaching Center of Excellence (COE) with the ultimate goal of positioning Columbia University as a premiere academic center, with a scholar-practitioner orientation, that brings together researchers, practitioners, and organizational leaders world wide to forward the art and science of coaching in, and for, organizations.

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Upcoming Advance Offering

As our learning community continues to expand, combined with a commitment to continuous professional development, we are pleased to announce a series of advanced program offerings and partnerships that go beyond the coach foundations introduced during 3CP.

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